RSS syndication is a web 2.0 service that has been around for years and is just now starting to pick up speed. It has been a great way to get updates in your email app and the new capabilities of social networking has simply made this service huge. So if you are not using RSS on your web site or if you are and want to learn how to make your feeds more effective, read on!

RSS – Really Simple Syndication

Really simple syndication is a great name that is well fitting for the service. RSS feeds allow a webmaster to syndicate their web site information across the internet with out having to anything really. Just set it up once and let it go.

You can use RSS feeds for website content as well, few know this because it is a secret of many of the super affiliates and their success. I am here to tell you how to play like the big boys and no it does not take any out of pocket cash to do.

The fastest way to get a blog with a rss feed is to go to and get one. All you need is a Google account and you can use your gmail account too. Once you have registered at blogger, understand you can start as many blogs as you want for free, so don’t be afraid to stat a few.

If you website already has an rss feed, that is good and you will not need to get a free one. Now you need to get on Google and search, “submit your RSS Feed.” You will find many sites here. You can now take the url of your rss feed and submit it to the sites listed. You will get exposure all over the internet for absolutely free!

I highly suggest “Feedage” and “Feedburner”, they are 2 of the biggest and best out there! If you are using a wordpress blog you can update your ping list with many of the services you find and get instant exposure when you make new posts to your website. If you want to automatically feed your WordPress blog with rss information search for the “feedwordpress” plugin, it is a great free way to generate content on your site.


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